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Leaving Home

Dot craves to leave the Nest and go out exploring the forest. But their parent, Nini, reminds them that a mushroom cannot leave the Nest until one of their spores react with another mushroom's spore. One night, Dot finds that they've reacted to a nearby mushroom named Noir, and now much tell Nini about their move. (2020)

Character Sheets

Dot Character Sheet website.jpg
Noir Character Sheet Website.jpg
Nini character sheet website.jpg


anim enviorment 1 (3) edit 2.jpg
anim enviorment 1 morning.jpg
anim enviorment 1 day.jpg
anim enviorment 3 (1).jpg
anim enviorment 6.jpg
anim enviorment object 4.jpg

Apart of the Woods

After blowing up a powerful spirit's home deep within the local mine, this small mining town has now been taken over by the spirits of the forest. Now this spirit is on the hunt for her human ex-lover, who she believes betrayed him, all while their daughter seeks to protect her dad. (2020)

Character Sheets

APART 17.jpg
Apart of the Woods Daughter Turn around.
APART 1.jpg
APART 2.jpg
APART 4.jpg
APART 3.jpg
Daughter Faces final.jpg
Daughter Poses final.jpg
Apart of the Woods Mother Turn
APART 13.jpg
APART 14.jpg
APART 15.jpg
Mother Faces final.jpg
Mother Poses final.jpg
APART 5.jpg
APART 6.jpg
APART 7.jpg
APART 8.jpg
APART 9.jpg
APART 10.jpg
APART 11.jpg
APART 12.jpg


concept art 4.jpg
enviorment sketches develop website.jpg
enviorment exterior 1.jpg
enviorment  exterior sketch 3.jpg
enviorment  exterior thumbnails.jpg
enviorment  exterior draft.jpg

Lucifer Character Designs


Designs based off the cast of the show Lucifer on Fox (2019)


MISC. Illustrations & Character Designs

Acid Gun Design (2019)

construction 1 color final.jpg
box hell gun full process.jpg

Comic Covers (2020) (2019) (2020)

I never came out cover new cover-1.jpg
Samantha and Growler Cover.jpg

Tarot Card Designs (2020)

Characters owned by the show Inuyasha

Sam and Growl Flower Cover 3.jpg
kirara tarot final edit.png
koga tarot final piece edit.png

Gravence Character Designs (2019)

lucifer and latfesh.jpg
odysseia and lux.jpg
pumpkin and ace.jpg
me (3).png
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